Passes are the best way to provide customers with a complete experience for their trip to a city. A pass includes 2 or more curated products, providing a very quick way for your user to buy multiple ‘must-do’ products at once. For you, it provides a great opportunity to increase the value per ticket sold. We have created passes for different target groups, varying from families to sports fans. The interactive pass page makes it easy for customers to find out more about the included venues and easily plan their visit.

In the below example, users can see what’s included in the pass, and via a map underneath they can understand how to get from one activity to another. If a user purchases a pass via your website, they will also get a 10% discount on other attractions within the area which will be allocated to your account. This must be booked within 30 days from the booking date of the pass.

We generally see that passes work very well for international customers, who like to buy multiple products in one go. So if you are targeting international customers, passes are a great opportunity to try out.