Add-ons are extra benefits which complement the customer experience online and onsite. It gives your customer a compelling reason to buy extras in advance, letting you earn more money per order. Types of add-ons include upgraded entrance, audio guides, guidebooks, souvenirs, transportation, parking, food & beverage deals, lockers, services, exhibitions, and other special offers. Below is an example of the Van Gogh Museum and some of the add-ons they offer:

Attractions can decide themselves whether they would like to create add-ons, and what these should be. If your customer books a ticket including an add-on, this will be included in the commission you receive from us.

If you are promoting attractions which offer add-ons, we advise you to mention this in your content so people know what type of extras they can book. This can help increase your click through rate and conversion rate. We are seeing that 1 out of 5 customers who visit a venue with add-ons end up purchasing one of these.