A bundle is a combination of two products, often at a discounted price. We have developed this offer for people who already know in advance what type of venue(s) they would like to visit, and would like to be efficient in their planning. You can explore the bundles which we have available per city in the “Tiqets Exclusive Deals” section. Discounted bundles can be recognized by the crossed-out price as seen below. 

Offering bundles provides you with a great opportunity to increase your value per order, which is higher due to the inclusion of two products. Would you like to promote the different products separately? The value per attraction ticket is higher as it’s sold for the normal price, but the value per order will be lower as you’re only selling a single ticket. It’s good to test and see what works best for your audience. We see that bundles are high-converting products, and are especially relevant for a domestic audience.