At Tiqets we constantly develop new types of products based on customer demand, and help people book in the fastest and best way possible. Venues can offer different types of singular products, as well as different types of exclusive deals, which usually contain an extra benefit, like a combination of multiple products in one ticket or extra features which can be pre-booked before your arrival. We’ll explain this in more detail in this section.

Singular products: 

Let’s look at singular products first. If you go to the product discovery page in your affiliate portal, you will be able to see all products which a venue offers simply by typing the venue’s name. Like in the case of the Colosseum below, you will see an example of the products found at the venue which you can offer to your audience:


The most requested types of products we see amongst customers are the “Skip The Line'' tickets and the “Priority Entrance” tickets, as people don’t like having to queue. You can offer these singular products through our different affiliate tools (links, availability widgets, and discovery widgets). If you click on the dropdown button as per the example above (the grey arrow facing downwards), you will be able to select the tool you would like to promote a specific product with.

In the below example, you’ll see that you can promote this product via a link or via the availability widget. Want to see what the product page that your customer will be redirected to looks like first? Select the “Product page” button. 

Exclusive deals: 

While some people only want to purchase a single attraction ticket for a specific venue – an entrance ticket to Barcelona Zoo, for example – others look at purchasing a combination where they can experience multiple different activities within a city.

We’ve created different exclusive deals to help customers select a combination of products in one go. Examples of these exclusive deals are bundles and passes. You can explore them under the heading “Tiqets Exclusive Deals” if you select the city of your interest. 

As well as bundles and passes, we see that many people are interested in pre-booking extras to get the most out of their visit. One example of this would be an audio guide. We call these pre-bookable extra features ‘add-ons’. We’ve also recently launched a new type of product focusing on exhibitions. You’ll find an explanation of the different exclusive deals and extra benefits further down in this FAQ.