Order Date: The date when the order is paid in CET time zone.


Visit Date: The date when the user can visit the venue and redeem the ticket in the venue's time zone.


Products: The name of Tiqets product which your user will experience.


Tickets: The number of tickets purchased in one order. If you create one order for four people at the same time, you will see a number of four tickets in your overview but one order. If you would like to know the average number of tickets per order, you can divide the number of tickets by the number of orders. 


Order Value: The sum of the total value of your orders (including VAT) in the given date range, sitebrand and source tool. This excludes cancelled orders. 


Est. Commission: Estimated commission (excluding VAT) from the fulfilled orders in the selected time range. Please note that the estimated commission shown here is different from the commission on your monthly invoice. The commission on your monthly invoice shows the commission which you receive for all orders which have been visited in that specific month.  


Sitebrand: Name of sitebrand that your user was exposed to upon entrance to Tiqets.com. If you want more information on how you can set up site brands in your portal, check this article


Reference ID: Tiqets order reference ID which we use to identify a unique order.  


Status: The current status of the order. It is set to either fulfilled or revoked/cancelled. Fulfilled means the customer has placed an order and the tickets have been sent to the customer. Revoked/cancelled means that the customer placed an order but has cancelled the order. 


Campaign: you can set a campaign through a UTM parameter in your affiliate portal. It allows you to understand #Users, #Users with Orders, conversation rate and commission per user per traffic source which you have integrated. 


It is advised that you use the campaign parameter to understand the performance of your campaigns and touchpoints on your website. If you would like to have more information on how to use the campaign parameter field, please check this article.


Affiliate_tools: The link/widget clicked by the customer to create the order. This can either come from the availability widget, discovery widget, booking widget or link. Are you interested to learn more about the tools we offer? Check out more information here


Order Type: The type of order in terms of either bundle, combi deal, package or a regular product order.