1. Check which of your pages drive the most traffic, for instance by adding Google Analytics tracking.

  2. Implement tools and products which are relevant to the audience visiting your highest traffic pages. Engage with your audience to understand what type of products they are looking for.

  3. Implement products which are relevant to your audience. Make sure to link all country names with country pages, city names with city pages, product categories with product category pages, and venue names with venue pages.

  4. Choose a placement on your page which is visible. Ideally this would be ‘above the fold’ near the top of your page in order to gain the most attention.

  5. Implement clear call to action buttons so your audience can understand where they can book. In order to drive more transactions, you can create a sense of urgency, for instance ‘book now!’. If you implement a product which is not available yet, you can use call to action buttons like ‘available soon’.