Tiqets offers partners an easy-to-implement widget whereby website visitors are immediately shown the availability calendar for the product. Use the widget in a sidebar, or adjacent to your core content, to drive your visitors to purchase tickets for a particular ticket option

Adding the widget to your website

The code snippet is very small, straightforward, and easy to use.

The widget is implemented by a small set of parameters within a <div> tag, and accompanied by a Javascript loader which loads the widget itself. The code is automatically generated based on the settings you choose in the widget generator. Below is an example snippet needed to show the widget on your website.

The widget data parameters (that means everything within the <div> tag) can be defined once or multiple times on a single page. Defining the parameters multiple times would result in multiple widgets being shown.

The loader (that means everything within the <script> tag) is generic and should only be included once, irrespective of the number of times the widget is to be shown.

1<div 2  data-tiqets-widget="availability" 3  data-product-id="703796" 4  data-partner="demopartner" 5  data-tq-campaign="democampaign" 6  data-layout="full"  7></div> 8<script defer src="https://widgets.tiqets.com/loader.js"></script>

Size of the widget

The Javascript loader generates an iFrame with a defined height and width. The widget has a static width of 314px. This is designed to work in sidebars on desktop and tablet devices, and to be shown full width on mobile devices.

There are two different widget layouts to choose from. The ‘full’ layout shows a calendar with all dates of the current month. The ‘compact’ layout shows the next three days only and has a significantly smaller height than the ‘full’ layout.

The widget’s height may vary based to the information shown for each product. If the content in the widget changes, it will automatically resize itself.

Generating Availability widget code from the portal

User defined values



Attraction name

Please fill in the name of the attraction and select the product from the dropdown menu.


Per default, the language is automatically detected based on the user language settings. We recommend using the default setting for the best user experience.
It is possible to select one of the languages from the dropdown menu to force a language.


Per default, the currency is automatically detected based on the user country settings. We recommend using the default setting for the best user experience.
It is possible to select one of the currencies from the dropdown menu to force a currency.


Select the desired sitebrand from the dropdown menu (in case you have more than one sitebrand configured).

Campaign name

Set a free-text campaign name. We recommend using alphanumeric characters only.
The campaign name is used for tracking. The Campaign performance report on the Affiliate Portal tracks all orders created after accessing Tiqets with a campaign name parameter.

Widget layout

Select the layout from the two options:

  • Full calendar: full widget showing the calendar of the current month

  • Upcoming days: compact widget showing only the next three days

Unavailable products

Sometimes products become unavailable on Tiqets. When a product is unavailable, the widget cannot show any calendar with availability.
In this case, the Availability Widget shows a notification mentioning the temporary unavailability and if available it also displays some alternative products that are potentially interesting for the user.

When a product becomes temporarily unavailable, e.g. due to a technical issue, it usually becomes available again after a couple of hours or days.
Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the Availability Widget immediately when you see an unavailable product.

In some cases, products become permanently unavailable, e.g. if a venue closes down indefinitely. Should you observe a product being unavailable for some time, please reach out to your Tiqets account manager for assistance handling the case.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your Tiqets account manager who can provide you with more assistance.