There are 4 different reasons why the monthly invoice might differ from the estimated commission found in the Affiliate Portal:

  1. Occasionally, customers will ask for their orders to be refunded after buying them. In some cases we allow refunds, which will be deducted from your total sale order value in your invoice.
  2. Report or invoice discrepancies may occur due to different order dates. For example, if the order in question was made at the end of the month, customer refunds may only be paid out the following month. Reports and invoices should match over time.
  3. The customer has not visited the venue yet. Our invoices are based on the venue visit date, and this means that you will earn and be paid the commission for each booking only once the customer has visited the venue. You can check the venue visit date both in the reports in your Affiliate Portal and in the invoices.
  4. Depending on the payment method customers choose, the amount of the commission can vary. For instance, if a user buys a ticket with a Visa card your commission will be slightly lower than it would be if they paid with a Maestro card, as each payment provider charges different rates per transaction.